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E'napatha N'apur was a vast dead city on the continent of Seven Cities.[1] It was located in the Path'apur Mountains about two days travel from that range's easternmost extent.[2]

A berserk Icarium Lifestealer had destroyed the entire city thousands of years ago, killing everyone within. When the citizens of a sister city to the north heard about this tragedy, they came south and buried the entire city as it was.[1]

The desert around the city had once been cultivated farmland whose roads were crowded with men, women, children, and animals when market days were held in the city.[1] The soldiers of the city worshiped the seven forms of Dessimbelackis as their god of war.[1]

In The Bonehunters[]

After manipulating his way into replacing Mappo Runt as Icarium's companion, Taralack Veed brought up the subject of E'napatha N'apur. The Gral told the amnesiac Icarium that over five days the Jhag had slain every man, woman, and child in the city, much to Icarium's dismay. The Gral claimed Icarium's act been one of necessity and justice, for no soul could be permitted to live and remember the city's evil. Taralack vowed that it was his duty to remind Icarium of his deed whenever the Jhag forgot, and every time Icarium recoiled from the tale.[1]

Later, Cutter, Heboric, Scillara, Felisin Younger, and Greyfrog came across the remains of the city, which had now been revealed after millenia of rains and winds. Heboric told a different story of the city's destruction. According to Heboric, Icarium and his companion had been refused entry to the city by the King due to the various dark legends surrounding the Jhag. A guard then made the fatal mistake of firing an arrow as a warning towards them, which ricocheted and killed Icarium's companion, unleashing the Jhag's rage.[1]

Heboric could hear and see the ghosts of the people who had lived in the city, most not realising they were dead. He was himself seen by some of the ghosts as a mirage. Of these, some called out to him recognising him as priest of a war god.[1]


  • E'napatha N'apur may have been the same ruined city as Hanar Ara. When Felisin Younger was brought to Hanar Ara by the Unbound, she recognised it as one she had already seen during her journey with Cutter and Heboric. She also noted the signs of an old road and tilled fields that were features noted of E'napatha N'apur.[3][4] Kulat mentioned Hanar Ara was once buried, much as Heboric described E'napatha N'apur as having once been buried.[5][6] The first time Felisin Younger referred to the city by name she referred to it as "this place they call Hanar Ara, the City of the Fallen."[7] This meaning seems more likely to be from a name chosen by the new cult than one used in antiquity.
  • The sister city to E'napatha N'apur's north may have been Ahol Tapur.

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