Elas Sil was a resident of Quaint. She became a Saint of Glorious Labor after a co-worker accidentally stabbed her in the neck with a knitting needle. She still bore a puckered mark from the wound on her skin.[1]

Elas became a widow after she pushed her husband down a stairway because he had poor aim when urinating. She had an argument prepared for the city guard but found their suspicions more easily assuaged through bribery.[2]

In The Healthy DeadEdit

Elas Sil joined fellow saint, Imid Factallo, in pooling the resources of the other saints to fill a chest with gold and silver coins. They offered the chest to the necromancers, Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, in return for bringing down the tyrannical enforced health regime of King Macrotus.[3]

The necromancers soon enveloped the city in chaos. Imid rescued an infant from a human stampede and mistakenly unleashed a violent mob on the Grand Temple's Stentorian Nun. Seeing a bruise on the baby's forehead, Elas Sill, declared it the youngest Saint of Glorious Labour.[4] They escaped into the bowels of the temple where they were pursued by the temple's child prisoners. The trio found a dark safe space under the temple's altar where Elas and Imid fell into each others' arms.[5] Bauchelain revealed the couple in mid-coitus to the gathered residents of Quaint and declared them the new king and queen.[6]

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