Elder was a gigantic, roughly 'four stories high' being who built Azath Houses.[1]

The massive mason had an oddly child-like face; a mass of almost white hair; round, smooth cheeks; thick lips; a pug nose; bright yellow skin and emerald-colored eyes - when he smiled he displayed dagger-like fangs and he spoke with a soft voice. Elder spoke the language of the Tiste Andii when conversing with one.[2]

Elder was essentially a prisoner of the Jaghut, Gothos - Elder being kept in an unnamed Warren to which only Gothos normally had easy access.[3]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Nimander Golit and his party of Tiste Andii kin and Kallor, on their way to Bastion in central Genabackis, came upon the ruined tower which Gothos was then inhabiting. Having taken tea with Gothos, Nimander accidently fell through a 'gate' inside the ruined tower and ended up in an unknown Warren where he met Elder. Nimander learned that Elder build Azath Houses and Gothos always managed it so that he, not Elder, would vanish with the newly completed House - leaving the mason behind. Nimander finally figured out a way to confound this practice of Gothos. Elder build another Azath and this time Elder vanished along with the House when it was finished, finally freeing the mason of Gothos and his machinations.[4]

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