The Elder Deck, also called the Deck of Holds, was a precursor of the Deck of Dragons. Instead of Houses the Elder Deck had Holds.[1][2]

It is unclear if the cards in the Elder Deck were identical with the Tiles of the Holds.

The Elder Deck was presumed long lost by the author Imrygyn Tallobant the Younger who from context wrote after the events depicted in Memories of Ice but it is unknown how long after.[3]

Ganoes Paran, as Master of the Deck, had knowledge of the Elder Deck.[2]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Heboric, Kulp and Felisin came across a temple with a frieze depicting images of a Deck. Heboric explained to Kulp that this was the Elder Deck and they were looking at Holds, not Houses. He asked Kulp if he could discern Death, Life, Dark and Light and whom Kulp could see on the antlered throne of the Beast Hold. Kulp though it was flanked by T'lan Imass but otherwise empty. Heboric thought that his memory told him that it should be occupied. He stated that Shapeshifters could be found amongst the Unaligned of the Elder Deck.[1]

Known Holds within the DeckEdit

There were likely also Holds of Death, Life, Dark and Light[1]

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