Elder Gods were any of the Gods that had existed before the creation of the Warrens. Though some of them were still active and worshipped as Gods, many had been forgotten. Some of them reigned over elder Warrens, or Holds, whose power could be accessed through the Tiles of the Holds.

Elder Gods

In The Bonehunters

The Eleint, Ampelas, confirmed Cotillion's belief that the Elder Gods were not simply of one world. When Cotillion asked how long they had been around, Ampelas stated: Even when the Darkness ruled alone, there were elemental forces. Moving unseen until the coming of the Light. Bound only to their own laws. It is the nature of Darkness that it but rules itself.[7]

In Forge of Darkness

T'riss may also be an Elder Goddess because of her role in Forge of Darkness.

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