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Elingarth was a city on the southeastern coast of the continent of Genabackis. It was located at the southern entrance of an inlet and connected by a road/track to North March. To the east it was bordered by the Lamatath Plain.[1][2]

The native language was called Elin and was related to the Daru tongue.[3]

The town was renowned for its religious mercenary groups, amongst them the The Grey Swords and the Blue Shields.[4]

Merchant trader ships from Elingarth were found anchored in Darujhistan.[5]

Characters originating from Elingarth[]

In Memories of Ice[]

Picker bought a couple of torcs off the trader Munug. He claimed that the ivory was ancient and came from the corpse of a furred, tusked monster, once Treach's favoured prey, found in frozen mud in Elingarth.[7]

Lady Envy was told by a priest of the Tenescowri that a caravan from Elingarth had encamped beyond the wall of Bastion and that night, when those foreigners were 'rewarded' (i.e. killed), the first Child of the Dead Seed was created.[8]

In Toll the Hounds[]

Reportedly, Elingarth "was in the midst of civil war" and was thus causing avoidance of the city by outsiders. The Captain of the Skathandi, for example, was waiting for the war to be resolved before sending emissaries to Elingarth - as he had done to other surrounding cities - to announce his ever-rolling kingdom's claim to most of the Lamatath Plain.[9]

Notes and references[]