The Empty Hold was a Hold, the primitive version of a Warren, active on the continent of Lether where it was the heart of Letherii worship.[1] It was represented in the Tiles of the Holds where it consisted of:

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  • Empty Throne, the throne that knew no King,[1]
  • Wanderer Knight,[1]
  • Mistress, who waited still, alone in her bed of dreams,[1]
  • Watcher, who witnessed all,[1] "The Hand of the Watcher,’ Binadas said, ‘who waited until the war was done before striding forward to unleash his power.",[2] Gothos[citation needed]
  • Walker, who patrolled borders not even he could see,[1] "Master of the Tiles, the Walker Among the Holds.",[3] The Errant[citation needed]
  • Saviour, whose outstretched hand was never grasped,[1] Brys Beddict[citation needed]
  • Betrayer, whose loving embrace destroyed all it touched,[1] The Errant[citation needed]

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