Emral Lanear was the senior High Priestess of Kharkanas who served with Mother Dark. An aging woman, she often lost herself in thought staring at her reflection in a slightly blurred full-length mirror.[1] She felt threatened when Mother Dark took the unusual step of elevating a second, younger and ambitious high priestess, Syntara. She was later gratified to learn that Syntara had not been chosen as her successor but to ease her burden of administration.[2]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Emral stood outside Mother Dark's throne room when she met with T'riss, the Azathanai, and Syntara. After T'riss disappeared and a transformed Syntara stumbled away, Emral entered the room along with Anomander Rake to find the darkness had changed. Mother Dark claimed T'riss had sanctified the temple and, by entering, both Emral and Anomander received the blessing of Night--the ebony skin of a Tiste Andii.[3] When Draconus returned with the Terondai and established the Gate of Kurald Galain in the Chamber of Night he pronounced that Emral was now the First Daughter of Night.[4]

In Fall of LightEdit

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