Emroth, whose name meant 'Fanged Skeleton', was one of a group of seven broken T'lan Imass also known as The Unbound. She was one of the Teblor's gods known as "The Seven Faces in the Rock". The Teblor called her 'Imroth the Cruel'.[1] She was described as having a voice like silk.

Emroth was a Soletaken of unknown form.[2]

She was the goddess of the Rathyd clan of the Teblor. Her followers set curses upon their enemies by burning blood on the stone lips of her effigy.[3]

In House of ChainsEdit

Emroth and the other Unbound swore fealty to the Crippled God in return for breaking their Vow and gaining limited freedom.[4] She and the others cultivated young Teblor warriors, like Karsa Orlong, to serve their agenda and retrieve their lost weapons, which would sever Tellann and grant them their full freedom.[5][6][7]

Emroth was enraged by the Teblors' long life spans, which meant that every failure meant a wait of another century as their next candidate matured. She distrusted Bairoth Gild as a potential replacement for Karsa because Bairoth was too clever. Hence, she perverted Bairoth's girl-child as it grew in Dayliss' womb, saying that the result would be "neither a girl, nor a child."[8]

Urual blamed the woman's Soletaken proclivities and its hunger for their failure so many years before.[8]

When Karsa raped the wife of the Rathyd chief, the woman said he invited the chief's curse through Imroth.[3]

Once Karsa found and returned their weapons, Emroth and the Unbound were freed. But the warrior then cut down Sin'b'alle, claimed her foundlings, and ordered the remaining six to abandon the Teblor.[9] The Unbound departed, determined to help the Tiste Edur and their master claim the First Throne and control of the T'lan Imass.[10]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

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