"Grant me leave to kill him, Seneschal. I shall ensure that there is no shortage of Edur blood."

Enias was a young Tiste Liosan.[1][2] He was a tall man with pale skin and long, silver hair.[3]

He wore ornate enamel armour with a visored helmet that mostly hid his face, and carried a carved scimitar that appeared to have been carved from ivory. His white horse was long-limbed with a wild, rust-coloured mane.[3]

Like most Liosan, Enias was arrogant, judgemental, and eager to shape order with a sword's edge.[4]

In House of Chains[edit | edit source]

Seneschal Jorrude led Enias, Malachar, and Orenas, on a quest to find a group of outsiders who had trespassed in Kurald Thyrllan. They had a brief clash with Onrack and Trull Sengar in the Nascent after the pair shattered a ward protecting a gate to the Liosan's Warren. Enias and his companions were forced to call off their attack with arrival of the T'lan Imass, Monok Ochem, Ibra Gholan, Olar Shayn, and Haran Epal, as reinforcements.[5]

The Bonecaster, Monok Ochem, informed the Liosan that their lord Osric was lost and unable to return home to his people. The Liosan were then forced to co-operate with the Bonecaster and the others in order to escape the shattered Warren. This ritual sent the Liosan to Seven Cities, but tricked them into allowing the T'lan Imass into Kurald Thyrllan. There the T'lan Imass slew the demon familiar posing as Osric.[6][7]

Now in Raraku, the Tiste Liosan were able to track down the intruders to the central oasis where the Malaz 14th Army was engaged with Sha'ik's Army of the Apocalypse. In the aftermath of the Battle of Raraku, they charged Gesler's squad. But the fire-touched culprits, Gesler, Stormy, and Truth, had no idea who the Liosan were. Gesler ordered the Sapper, Sands, to fire a Cusser at the four strange riders resulting in a massive explosion that lifted the ground below them.[8]

Gesler assumed their attackers were dead, but the Liosan were merely stunned and covered in the remains of their horses. They decided to rethink their quest. They considered regrouping and going after an easier target, the draconian T'lan Imass bonecaster in whose wake the three men's ship had been unwillingly dragged through their warren.[9]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[edit | edit source]

Enias, Jorrude, and two other Liosan had a brief, but humiliating encounter with Skinner and Cowl in the warren of Thyr near the borders of Kurald Thyrllan.[10]

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