Esten Rul was a master duelist whose skill was recognized across three continents.

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

He travelled all the way to the coastal mountains south of Mengal on Genabackis to visit the monastery where the fabled and famous swordsman Traveller lived to test himself against him.

On his arrival, he was struck by the fact that it was very unlikely that a master like Traveller would live in a dusty old monastery like the one he saw before him. He entered the monastery to find that no one took any notice of him. He accosted an old man who was sweeping the floor of the courtyard, and asked the old man to take him to the Master, or he would force him at sword-point. The old man told Esten that he would test him first to see if he was worthy of being brought in front of the master. He defeated Esten with his broom stick, and Esten was seen descending the hills with much to think about.[1]

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