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Prazek and DathenarEdit

Prazek and Dathenar feel dissatisfied with their current post outside the city of Kharkanas, on the outer bridge above Dorssan Ryl. They list the reasons behind their posting, and decide to abandon their post in favor of each others company in a tavern.

Grizzin FarlEdit

Sitting in a tavern, Grizzin Farl rumbles on about Mother Dark's beauty, which in his own words only becomes apparent after the third glance. His companion, Silchas Ruin, asks him why he still lingers in Kharkanas. Grizzin tells him that he remains, because by his presence, he keeps away those who would take advantage of the situation in Kharkanas. Dissatisfied by the answer, Ruin presses him again. Grizzin then reveals that he remains because he wants to honor the peace a friend had promised, implying that by his presence, the Suzerain remains ignorant of Anomander Rake's Azathanai companion.

Emral LanearEdit

High Priestess Emral Lanear feels fear when Rise Herat wonders whether the blood seeping through Endest Silann's hands take away a fraction of his life-force. She reveals that Mother Dark had acknowledged that by that blood, she could see and manifest power through Silann.

She tells Herat, that she can see only one way to a peaceful resolution to the civil war: by pushing the Consort aside. And to accomplish that, they would have to turn the Son of Darkness against his friend.

Endest SilannEdit

Endest recalls the conversation between Anomander Purake and Caladan Brood, before they left to seek out Andarist. A conversation at the end of which Anomander had adopted a new name given to him by the Azathanai. A name that meant "Strength". He also remembered the answer of the High Mason when Anomander vowed to hold him to his word of promised peace.


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