Fanderay or Fander, also known as the Wolf-Goddess or She-Wolf of Winter,[1][2] was an ascended beast.[3] Her name in the Barghast tongue was Farand.[4]

Fanderay was the long lost mate of Togg and with him the joint holder of the Beast Throne. They were said to be more ancient than the Elder Gods, and considered Draconus, Krul, and the Sister of Cold Nights to be young entities by comparison.[5] They had once run with the Imass back when the Imass were still mortal.[6] At one time they had made their home on Jacuruku.[7]

The Warren of Chaos was said to have given fire to her spirit.[5]


Fanderay and Togg were separated during the fall of the Crippled God which was caused by rebellious mages seeking to topple the tyrant King Kallor during the time of the First Empire. Their home had been destroyed and Fanderay severely wounded. Togg, himself now missing an eye, sought his mate in the Warren of Chaos hoping she had returned there.[5] The general details of a horror from the sky causing their separation were known as children's bedtime stories on Genabackis.[8]

Worship and RitualsEdit

The twin cults of Togg and Fanderay continued to persist, but their temples were few and their adherents dwindled.[9] There had been a short lived popularity of the cults within the armies of the Malazan Empire early in Empress Laseen's reign, but they had soon withered.[9]

The Wolves were rarely worshipped in the middle or southern parts of Genabackis[10] and received no representation within the Mask Council of Capustan. They were however worshiped in the north of the continent as war-aspected gods.[10] In Darujhistan, the death of the Wolf Goddess of Winter was marked each year a week before the Gedderone Fête. One custom, commented on by Murillio was the procession of a brilliantly painted carriage drawn by three white horses in black bridles symbolising the Goddess being carried out. The carriage was accompanied on either side by middle-aged women who balanced bronze cups on their shaved heads from which steams of scented smoke unfurled.[11]

In Memories of IceEdit

K'rul found the terribly wounded Fanderay after the Crippled God's Fall and placed her spirit within the body of Baaljagg, the last surviving Ay, to safely heal.[12]

When K'rul made his move against the Crippled God's schemes during the Pannion War, he sent Baaljagg to join Lady Envy. They were soon joined by others including Toc the Younger whose body contained the spirit of Togg.

Lady Envy and her entourage made war against the Pannion Seer and his empire, the Pannion Domin. During their efforts, Toc was captured and brought to Coral. Envy's party followed in pursuit, arriving at Coral amidst the Malazan siege of the city. While the others raced ahead to find the Seer, Envy and Baaljag sought Toc in the Old Palace.[13] By the time they found Toc, he was already dead and Baaljagg lay beside the corpse whimpering.[14]

Fanderay grieved for the loss of her mate, but Onos T'oolan informed her that Togg had slipped from Toc's body and was free within the Warren of Tellann. The Bonecaster, Kilava, reported that Toc's soul rode upon Togg's own and she opened a path into Tellann for Baaljagg to pursue them.[15]

Within the dreamworld of Tellann, Fanderay was separated from Baaljagg and finally reunited with Togg. The two gods reclaimed their thrones while acknowledging the Mhybe as the dream world's mistress.[16]

The destruction of the Grey Swords at the Siege of Capustan and the fall of Fener, their patron god, forced the mercenaries to seek out a new sponsor. With the help of the White Face Barghast elders they settled on Fanderay and Togg and proclaimed a new Reve, the Wolf's Reve.[17] The new Grey Sword Shield Anvil, Norul, approached Silverfox requesting her to free the T'lan Ay, who the twin gods considered their children. The living Bonecaster initially refused despite Norul's warning that the gods would seek reparation.[18] Later, Silverfox relented.[19]

In House of ChainsEdit

High Mage L'oric reported that Togg and Fanderay had taken control of the Beast Throne making them masters of the Soletaken and D'ivers. He smiled thinking of "all those poor fools who followed the Path of the Hand. The game was won far, far away—",[20] suggesting that the Beast Throne had been the Path of Hands' ultimate goal.

Newly installed on the throne, Togg and Fanderay urgently needed a champion. They chose a bull enkar'al whose spirit had been trapped in the body of a dead Thelomen Toblakai by the B'ridys demon. As a reward for its service, it was brought to join others of its kind in their realm.[21]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Fiddler, Gesler, Stormy, and Balm looked through a Deck of Dragons while aboard the Silanda that had many cards they had never seen before. Among them was a new card labeled "The Lords of War" depicting two wolves, one male and one female, flanking an unoccupied bone throne. The card was the ranked card for the new House of War, which none of the men recognised.[22]

The Malaz 14th Army was joined by the Perish Grey Helms, a military religious order dedicated to Togg and Fanderay. They placed themselves under the command of Adjunct Tavore Paran for the war to come. Then they opened a gate through the harsh, fierce seas of the warren of Togg and Fanderay that allowed the Malazan fleet to travel to Malaz City over days rather than months.[23]

Notes and referencesEdit

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