Lord Fangatooth Claw the Render, Master of the Forgotten Holding, High Sorcerer of the Lost Gods of Ilfur, Seneschal of Gray Arts, High Mage of Elder Thelakan, and last surviving member of the League of Eternal Allies was the sorcerer-tyrant of the small village of Spendrugle.[1] Back when his name was merely "Simplet" he had usurped the position from his brother Warmet Humble who he now tortured in the keep's dungeon.[2]

Obsessed with his own greatness and legacy, he hired the scribe Coingood to record his words and deeds for his "Tome of Tyranny", a narrative of his rise to power.[3] He often hectored the scribe, making sure he recorded each of his profundities and demanded Coingood add stylistic flourishes to any details that might appear less than great.[4] He spent most mornings gesturing dramatically into the raging winds from his tower above the town.[5]

He had the technical skill required to build and animate immense iron golems that served as his garrison and constabulary and claimed to be immune to poisons.[6] Extremely paranoid, he ordered that all strangers to Spendrugle be hanged.[7]

Fangatooth had narrow, hawkish features and skeletal hands with long fingers.[8] His habitual garb was a black robe worn over a black shirt, black vest, and black leggings — which when bloodied — were the responsibility of Coingood to clean.[9]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Fangatooth saw the arrival of necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach in Spendrugle as a challenge to his authority. Although wary, he welcomed the chance to discuss elevated matters over dinner with fellow sorcerers for inclusion in his book.[10] Fangatooth's initial plan to murder the necromancers failed when Bauchelain chided the sorcerer for poisoning their food with yellow paralt, a substance to which they had built immunity. To show there were no hard feelings the necromancer offered to make cookies in the keep's kitchen.[11] Fangatooth attempted to flaunt his own poison resistance by accepting Bauchelain's offer, but the lord was not prepared for the demon that exploded out of his stomach after the first bite.[12]

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Fangatooth Claw: "Have you written it down now, Scribe? God's below, if I'd known you were so slow I would never have hired you! Tell me, what did I say? I've forgotten. Read it back, damn you!"
Coingood: "M-m-master, y'!"
Fangatooth Claw: "Is that it? Didn't I say something more?"
―Fangatooth Claw and Coingood[src]

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