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Princess Felash was the fourteenth daughter of King Tarkulf of the Bolkando Kingdom[1] and Queen Abrastal.[2] Abrastal considered Felash to be the cleverest of her daughters.[3]

Felash was described as short and quite plump with black hair and a faintly downturned mouth. She was also very well endowed. Shurq Elalle considered her a "fashion travesty [...] dripp[ing] and dangl[ing] an astonishing assortment of gaudy jewellery. The clothing she [wears] stretch[ing] the definition of the word".

Felash started using Rustleaf when she was six years old.[4]

In Dust of Dreams[edit | edit source]

The Bolkando Chancellor Rava's advances had been spurned by Felash. According to Rava, his agents had been tortured by the Princess and her handmaiden and their pickled eyeballs send to him in a bottle.[1]

Felash and her handmaiden had vanished from the palace,[5] as she was sent by her mother, ostensibly as an ambassador, to Letheras, where she met with King Tehol and Queen Janath. It was the Queen's opinion that Felash had come to eliminate a rival spy networks, or rather her handmaiden would on her behalf. Once the Princess declared she was ready to go home, Janath arranged for Felash and the handmaiden to take ship with Captain Shurq Elalle.[6]

Whilst travelling on Elalle's ship, the Undying Gratitude, Felash struck a bargain with the Elder God Mael to get a warning conveyed to her Mother.[7][8]

In The Crippled God[edit | edit source]

Felash reached her fifteenth year.[9]

The bargain with Mael left the ship damaged and in danger of sinking. Saving them from that revealed that Felash was a mage with access to Denaeth Rusen[citation needed] and Omtose Phellack.

Her faithful handmaiden was revealed to likely be a Seguleh warrior.[10]

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