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The girl later known as Felisin (also called Felisin Younger) was an orphan of no more than eleven or twelve years of age who lived in Raraku.[1] Because she had had no one to speak for her in her naming rites, she did not have a name.[2]

Initially, Felisin rarely spoke, but when she did it was with the words of a poet.[3] She was skilled at braiding flowers.[4]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

The orphan girl was the first person Felisin Paran met upon arriving at the Raraku oasis. Wearing a leather vest stitched with overlapping bronze coins as protection, she acted as a sentry and blocked the road holding her spear. Leoman waved her aside as he informed Felisin of the girl's orphaned status.[5]

Upon adopting her, Sha'ik Reborn gave the girl the name "Felisin".[6][7]

In House of Chains[]

Heboric thought of her as Felisin Younger although that was not a name he would mention to the girl.[8] He and Toblakai set themselves up as Felisin Younger's protectors[9] but even so, Felisin was lured into a trap by Silgar and ritually abused and circumcised by Bidithal. Despite her ordeal, she sought to hide this from her adoptive mother, who needed the mage's power.[10] Sha'ik Reborn's love and concern for her daughter was supressed by the Whirlwind Goddess so she failed to notice her disappearance.[11]

On the eve of the Battle of Raraku, High Mage L'oric sent Felisin to safety along with Heboric, Scillara, and L'oric's familiar, Greyfrog. Upon Karsa's return from his journey to the Jhag Odhan, he sought out Bidithal and Silgar and killed them both.[12]

Felisin's party made their way out of Raraku where they were approached by Iskaral Pust. The High Priest of Shadow brought them to Tesem. Cotillion convinced Cutter to become Felisin's protector much as Baudin had been the protector of her namesake.[13]

In The Bonehunters[]

Felisin accompanied Cutter, Scillara, and Greyfrog on their journey to return Heboric to Otataral Island. Along the way, the two were women were stopped by Guthrim and a group of bandits, likely intent on raping them. Greyfrog killed the men in a spectacularly violent manner. Felisin was both traumatised by the attack and by the revelation of Greyfrog's true nature.[14] But whenever Felisin awoke in the night with bad dreams, the demon sang children's songs to her in the language of his people.[15] Her own birth mother having sold her off, Felisin asked the older Scillara to take care of her.[16]

The Crippled God sent his T'lan Imass servants, The Unbound, to kidnap Felisin. They ambushed her party outside the village of Barathol Mekhar, killing Heboric and Greyfrog and gravely injuring Crokus. She was brought to the ancient and abandoned city of Hanar Ara, whose sole resident, Kulat, named her Sha'ik Reborn, Chosen One and Hand of the Apocalypse. He claimed the broken survivors of Poliel's plague would soon gather in the city and she would become the leader of the greatest cult of Seven Cities with Kulat as her seneschal.[17]

Kulat's words came true as hundreds came to settle and rehabilitate the once buried city and Felisin Younger held court in the city's temple. She adopted a nine-year-old survivor she named Crokus and settled into her new role.[18] For the first time in her life her every need was met as Kulat indulged her with food, wine, rustleaf, and slaves for lovemaking. She grew fat and indolent.[19] "As Sha'ik Reborn, her task was to blaze bright, and quick – and then die. Into death, where lay the true salvation, the paradise Kulat spoke of again and again."[20]

Mathok and the last survivors of the Army of the Apocalypse were drawn to Hanar Ara by the visions of their shamans. He brought the Book of Dryjhna and pledged his warriors' service to Felisin Paran's successor. But the new Sha'ik Reborn said she had no need for either and told him his warriors were welcome to stay if they disarmed. She instructed Kulat to prepare a new Book of Salvation in which he would record her own words. Mathok threw down the Holy Book and left. He later attempted to convince Ganoes Paran to order Onearm's Host to slaughter the cult, citing their dangerous beliefs, but Paran could not bring himself to do it.[21]

Cotillion later revealed to Apsalar that he and Shadowthrone had similar plans to install Felisin as Sha'ik, but where the Crippled God sought to control the young girl they would have sought only to guide her.[22]


"...she could only conjure visions [of paradise] that matched what now embraced her, her every want answered without hesitation, without judgement. Perhaps it would be like that – for everyone. But if everyone would know such an existence, then where were the servants?"
―Felisin Younger as Sha'ik Reborn[src]

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