Felittle Generous was the beautiful and naïve daughter of King's Heel tavern and brothel owner, Feloovil Generous, in Spendrugle. Her beau, Spilgit Purrble the tax collector, described her as a "blissful child in a woman's body." Despite this, she was the eyes and ears of the town and always seemed to know everyone's business. She longed to join her mother's trade or leave town with Spilgit and engage in a string of romances.[1]

Felittle had huge eyes, soft red cheeks, and overly painted lips. When she ate Blackgem berries she spontaneously urinated.[2]

She was very attached to her lizard cat Red, and refused to abandon him for Spilgit.[3]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Felittle made plans to leave Spendrugle with Spilgit.[4] When the Suncurl wrecked in Spendrugle's bay, Felittle and Spilgit went to the shoreline to look for survivors. There they met the necromancer Bauchelain and his manservant Emancipor Reese and escorted them both back towards the King's Heel.[5] Back at the inn, Spilgit joined Felittle in her room until he was attacked by her lizard cat, Red. He punched the vicious beast through a wall before fleeing the wrath of his beloved and her mother.[6]

Felittle gave up on her plans with Spilgit and instead plotted to replace her mother. Like her mother she possessed some measure of Witch Hurl's power through a link to an ancient idol that had been modified by comber Whuffine Gaggs. Felittle carried on a silent conversation with her crotch, the same spot where the comber had carved a mouth on the idol.[7]

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