Ferret had been a not particularly popular member of the Bridgeburners. He had a skinny and hunched figure with a pinched pale face and sharp teeth.[1]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Antsy, a fellow Bridgeburner, recalled Ferret actually getting a proper funeral service when their leader, Whiskeyjack, had said a few words as Free Cities battle magics blasted overhead with two dragons circling above. Much later, Ferret seemingly appeared in front of Antsy when Antsy was in the island remnants of Moon's Spawn known as the 'Spawns'. Ferret looked Antsy up and down and then asked him what he was doing in the Spawns as he was not dead. Antsy thought that he was going crazy.[2]

Antsy then had occasion to remind the ghost of Mallet - who also visited Antsy in the Spawns and who also asked him what Antsy, being alive, was doing in the Spawns - that no one had ever listened to what Ferret had to say, a remark with which Mallet's shade had to agree.[3]

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