The First Forge was said to be a place that was the literal manifestation of the first forge.

In Forge of Darkness[edit | edit source]

Lord Hust Henarald revealed to Kellaras that the Hust Sword the First Son had commissioned, had been forged at a secret place. A place known to certain Azathanai, as it was known to him. He called that place the first forge, explaining that its heat was the first heat, and its fire the first fire that often dimmed but knew no death.[1]

In Fall of Light[edit | edit source]

Olar Ethil described the First Forge as manifesting in myriad ways. For Hunn Raal it had manifested like a thing of ashes and blasted earth, with the sky blindingly white. She observed that for Draconus it would have manifested in a place of darkness, with the sky sheathed in impenetrable smoke; only the glow from the forge’s eager mouth to guide him.

It was where the Suzerain had forged the Sceptre of Night for Mother Dark, which had ascended her to godhood and where Hunn Raal in turn had forged the Sceptre of Light for Father Light.[2]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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