Prince Flail Their Limbs was an Andelainian Demon of royal blood - i.e., a 'Demon Prince'. He was massive - roughly twice the height of an adult human male. He had a blunt, broad head; a body that was blue-coloured and completely hairless; and vivid emerald-green eyes.[1] The Demon Prince wore large iron torcs on his upper arms as well as being clad in "...supple furs, oiled chain...and assorted other accoutrements".[2]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

One evening, Prince Flail Their Limbs was in the midst of a festive tête-à-tête dinner - complete with scented candles, sweet wine served in gold goblets, and an entree of spit-roasted priest of Dessembrae - with as guest the eminently desirable High Concubine Allgiva. The two had been sitting down, just starting in on the entree, when the Demon Prince suddenly found himself in the middle of a pentagram in the necromancer Bauchelain's Conjuration Chamber, located in the Royal Palace of Farrog.[3]

The powerful Demon Prince had been summoned by Bauchelain to the city of Farrog because an important prisoner of his and Korbal Broach's - the Indifferent God - had escaped his captivity in the Royal Palace's lowest dungeon and was loose in the crypts of the Palace.[4] The necromancer informed the - understandably exceedingly irate - Demon Prince of this and explained that he had been summoned to help the Nehemoth deal with the god.[5]

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