Stratem Map by D'rek & Werthead

Unofficial Stratem Map
Created by D'rek, modified by Werthead

Malazan World Map by D'rek

Malazan World Map by D'rek showing proposed location of Stratem

Fortress Haven and the accompanying Haven Town[1] had been one of the first settlements of the Crimson Guard on Stratem.[2] It lay in a bay on the western coast of the inland Sea of Chimes. The gray stone fortress sat on a cliff, its towers rising well above the tree line overlooking an abandoned village of modest huts and a pair of rotting docks. An overgrown path led through the dense brush to the fortress. Inland beyond the settlement was virgin forest.[3]

To the north was the settlement of Thickton.[4]

Fortress Haven was one of a number of Guard fortresses built along their southern shores. Others included North Bastion, Thick, Exile, and the Iron Citadel.[5]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Fortress Haven was where Lieutenant Skinner pledged to meet the rest of the Guard once the Diaspora ended. All Guard forces gathering there would then fall under his command.[6]

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