Unofficial Stratem Map
Created by D'rek, modified by Werthead

Malazan World Map by D'rek showing proposed location of Stratem

Fortress Haven and the accompanying Haven Town[1] had been one of the first settlements of the Crimson Guard on Stratem.[2] It lay in a bay on the western coast of the inland Sea of Chimes. The gray stone fortress sat on a cliff, its towers rising well above the tree line overlooking an abandoned village of modest huts and a pair of rotting docks. An overgrown path led through the dense brush to the fortress. Inland beyond the settlement was virgin forest.[3]

To the north was the settlement of Thickton.[4]

Fortress Haven was one of a number of Guard fortresses built along their southern shores. Others included North Bastion, Thick, Exile, and the Iron Citadel.[5]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[edit | edit source]

Fortress Haven was where Lieutenant Skinner pledged to meet the rest of the Guard once the Diaspora ended. All Guard forces gathering there would then fall under his command.[6]

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