The Free Cities were originally a trade alliance of twelve (according to Baruk)[1] to fourteen (based on maps and glossaries) cities located on the continent of Genabackis. Itkovian claimed the independent city-states had been forced into a confederacy of sorts in response to the invasion of the Malazan Empire.[2] At the start of Gardens of the Moon ten of the cities had been conquered by the Malazans with only Pale and Darujhistan left free. With the fall of Pale the alliance effectively ceased to exist.[3]

There are discrepancies between the various maps of Genabackis and not all names listed in Glossaries appear on the maps. Of the following list, eight names are listed within the glossary of Gardens of the Moon (UK MMPB) of which three do not appear on the maps. A further six not named in the Glossary are marked as free cities on the map (UK MMPB GotM). Two cities appear written differently on the coloured version of the maps.

Map Genabackis from GotM

Map of Genabackis published in Gardens of the Moon

Map Genabackis (Malazan Campaign) Coloured

Map of Genabackis

Map Genabackis from Memories of Ice

Map of Genabackis published in Memories of Ice

Known Free CitiesEdit

Apple[4] – Situated along the north east coast north of Tulips - Apple is listed on the UK paperback edition map of Genabackis in 'Gardens of the Moon' but not marked as a Free City
Cajale[5] – To the east of Owndos Sea (Lake Blued)
Darujhistan[4] Inland, on the southern shores of Lake Azur along the Rhivi Trail
Evinor[5] – Northeast of the Free City Plain - called Evine on the coloured version of the map
Ganiss[5] – Northwest of the Free City Plain
Genalle[5] – Southwest of the Free City Plain
Garalt[4] – is not listed on the map of Genabackis
Hoop[5] – North of the Free City Plain
Nisst[4] – is not listed on the map of Genabackis
One Eye Cat[4] – Inland, east of Yend and north of the One Eye Mountains
Pale[4] – Inland, north of the Tahlyn Mountains and Lake Azur. It was also along the Rhivi Trail
Porule[4] - not listed on the maps of Genabackis but a Porule River is mentioned as being located north of mountains, fifteen hundred leagues to the east of Pale[6]
Sogena[5] – Inland, on the River Sogen - appears as Suyema on the coloured version of the map
Tulips[4] – On the eastern coast, north of Crest Bay and Harbinger Peninsula - there seems to be a discrepancy between map and text within books as to the location. This may be why Tulips was omitted from the amended map published in Memories of Ice.

Speculations about locations and namesEdit

Based on a conversation between Lorn and Dujek, it seems likely that Ganiss equaled Nisst.[7]

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