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The Froth Wolf was Adjunct Tavore's flagship.

A Quon-built dromon, its workmanship was Mapau and its keel and metalwork was Fenn.[1] It sported a ballista on its bow whose quarrels were designed to punch holes in enemy hulls.[2]

In The Bonehunters[]

After the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, Adjunct Tavore hurriedly marched the 14th Army west to the Kokakal Sea ahead of the Bluetongue Plague. They were soon joined by Admiral Nok and the Malazan Imperial Fleet. Tavore took her place on the Froth Wolf where she added Quick Ben, Kalam Mekhar, and Apsalar to her retinue.[1] Also on board were Fist Keneb and Grub. Command of the Silanda was given back to Gesler and Stormy so long as the eerie vessel held a flanking position to the Froth Wolf at all times.[3] The fleet turned to the west to avoid the plague and round the continent to return to Unta.

When the Third Edur Imperial Fleet ambushed the Malazan fleet, Quick Ben led the defence from the Froth Wolf's prow.[4] Later, in the Catal Sea, the flagship was visited by Mortal Sword Krughava, Destriant Run'Thurvian, and Shield Anvil Tanakalian to pledge the service of the Perish Grey Helms in her service.[5] Run'Thurvian remained on board and supervised the opening of a gate through the Warren of Fanderay and Togg that cut their journey from months to three days.[6] They arrived off the coast of The Horn where they were met by Commander Exent Hadar and the Jakatakan Fleet. Tavore hid Run'Thurvian below deck while Hadar visited the flagship to relay Empress Laseen's orders to redirect the Adjunct's fleet to Malaz City.[7]

The Froth Wolf with Tavore on board, led the flotilla of ships that returned the 14th Army to Malaz City. The Froth Wolf and the Silanda moored at the city pier while the rest of the fleet remained anchored in the harbour. The entire city seethed with magically induced anger against the 14th Army and the soldiers of the Silanda prepared to defend both ships from the mob after the Adjunct was escorted away. Captain Rynag of the Untan Imperial Guard boarded the Froth Wolf to take command of the fleet and force them to disembark, but Keneb convinced him the 14th's ships were ridden with plague and needed to remain under quarantine.[8] When the mob finally attacked, Balm, Fiddler, and Gesler's squads protected both ships from the pier. Run'Thurvian used his magic to extinguish the burning arrows that sought to set the Froth Wolf ablaze and maintained a barrier against magical assaults. The flagship's ballista was redirected to fire into the crowd, including one shot bearing a cusser, with great effect.[9]

Tavore found her way back to the flagship and took the 14th Army renegade. Before the fleet left Malaz Bay, the Froth Wolf was approached by Cartharon Crust's small vessel, the Drowned Rat. He transferred a number of passengers over to the flagship, including Withal, Sandalath Drukorlat, Nimander Golit, Phaed, Bottle, Grub, and Lostara Yil.[10]

In Reaper's Gale[]

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Notes and references[]

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