The Lord of the Galayn was a demon in the service of Tayschrenn. It was one of the largest Galayn demons and was described as being a twelve-foot-tall creature with hunched shoulders wrapped in a glittering cape with a high cowl. It carried a two-bladed axe which was slung in a wide dragon-hide belt, with a handle as long as a man was tall. In combat the axe burst into blue flame, flaring with a bright cascading white light when it made contact. It had a wide, squat face with two slitted eyes and long, curved canines.[1][2]

It was also Soletaken and could veer into a huge dun-brown coloured dragon large enough to rival Anomander Rake.[3]

In Gardens of the Moon[edit | edit source]

The Galayn Lord was given to Adjunct Lorn, who released it onto the streets of Darujhistan during the Gedderone Fête to confront Rake. The two Soletaken fought in dragon form before Rake drove Galayn to the street outside Baruk's Estate. The demon then drew its axe and asked Rake to accept Empress Laseen's mercy and withdraw. Rake refused and killed the demon with Dragnipur, imprisoning its soul.[4][5]

Speculations[edit | edit source]

The demon or his weapon appeared to have some connection to the Tiste Liosan or Kurald Thyrllan. As Rake fought against the demon, its weapon flared with bright light, and Rake grated:

To the Mother's regret was Light granted birth. To her dismay...she saw too late...its corruption. are the unintended punishment...long overdue.[6]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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