Ganrod was a Hound of Shadow.[1]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

In 1161 BS, Ganrod and the other Hounds were summoned by Shadowthrone to eliminate a regiment of the Itko Kanese 8th Cavalry to disguise his and Cotillion's abduction of Sorry.[2] The Hounds killed 175 soldiers and 210 horses in the Itko Kan Massacre while suffering no casualties of their own.[3]

Two years later, when Quick Ben intruded in the Warren of Shadow, the Hounds were quick to confront him. He greeted each by name and they herded him to Shadowkeep for an audience with Shadowthrone.[4]

With Quick Ben's aid, all seven Hounds ran the trespassing puppet Hairlock to ground on the Rhivi Plain and tore him to pieces before confronting Ganoes Paran. Paran's life was spared by the intervention of the Tiste Andii, Anomander Rake. Rake slew Ganrod and Doan with his soul stealing sword Dragnipur and drove off the others.[5]

Ganrod and Doan were later released into a gate to Kurald Galain by Ganoes Paran.[6]

In The Bonehunters Edit

Ganoes Paran discovered the fate of the two Hounds freed from the sword while he and the Trygalle Trade Guild were passing over Verdith'anath, the Bridge of Death. They discovered an overturned Guild carriage belonging to Darpareth Vayd whose expedition had been missing for two years. The carriage was torn and gouged and Paran, recognising the scent of his "kin", identified Ganrod and Doan as the culprits.[7]

Paran and the Guild followed the bridge into the Nascent where they discovered seven enormous statues of the Deragoth, the Hounds of Darkness. Five of the statues were intact and two were shattered. Paran indicated that Ganrod and Doan had reunited and conjoined with their counterparts before being freed when the two statues were shattered.[8] (These were the two Deragoth freed in House of Chains by Onrack).[9] Hedge recalled the Deragoth's visit to Sha'ik's camp during the Battle of Raraku where they were killed by Karsa Orlong.[10][11] The two Hounds of Shadow were dead for good this time.[12]

Paran used the Deck of Dragons to call upon Shadowthrone and relay the fate of his two servants, although the ruler of Shadow may have already been aware.[13]

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