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Thelomen Tartheno Toblakai...
find the names of a people
so reluctant to fade
into oblivion...
Their legend rots
my cynical cast and blights
my eyes with bright glory...
'Cross not the loyal cage
embracing their unassailable heart...

...Cross not these stolid menhirs,
ever loyal to the earth.'
Thelomen Tartheno Toblakai...
Still standing, these towering pillars
mar the gelid scape
of my mind...

Gothos' Folly (II.iv)
Gothos (b.?)

Meningalle Ocean[edit | edit source]

Captain Paran receives instructions from Topper as he travels by ship to Genabaris. He is to take command of Whiskeyjack’s squad because the possessed Sorry is in the squad. From Genabaris, Paran flies by Green Quorl to Pale.

Pale[edit | edit source]

Tattersail and Bridgeburners[edit | edit source]

Interpretation of the Virgin of High House Death by Mister Adam

In Pale, the injured Bellurdan mourns for Nightchill and tells Tattersail that he will soon go out into the Rhivi Plain to raise Nightchill’s barrow.

Whiskeyjack, Kalam and Quick Ben believe that the Bridgeburners are being setup to be eliminated as part of Laseen’s effort to remove the Emperor’s old guard. An officer had been garotted and they suspect Sorry may be the assassin, whether she is a Claw or not. Quick Ben and Kalam get Whiskeyjack to agree with their plan to turn the tables, with Hairlock as their surprise player.

Tattersail conducts a Reading of the Fatid for Tayschrenn, with an Ascendant reaching through her. She draws: Orb, Virgin of High House Death, Assassin of High House Shadow, Oponn with Lady’s head high and Crown. She believes Death’s Virgin to be Sorry, although somehow The Rope is connected, information she does not share with Tayschrenn. She wants to talk with Whiskeyjack.

Paran[edit | edit source]

Outside Pale, Paran meets up with Toc the Younger, the last Claw in the 2nd Army who conveys him into the city. Toc comments that Whiskeyjack once commanded the Seventh Company in Seven Cities and that the sergeant and Dujek Onearm command much loyalty among the Genabackan armies. He also tells Paran that his own Clawmaster was garotted two days earlier.

Paran meets Corporal Picker and Sergeant Antsy, then goes to Knobb's Inn and meets Hedge, Mallet and Trotts from the Ninth Squad of the Bridgeburners.

On his way back to the barracks, he is assassinated by Sorry (Cotillion). Shadowthrone (Ammanas) appears briefly and notes that something has entered the Warren of Shadow.

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