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He stepped down then
among women and men,
the sigil stripped
in her foul cleansing
there on the blood-soaked sand
spilled the lives
of Emperor and First Sword —
so tragic this treachery…
He was of the Old Guard,
commanding the honed edge
of Empire's fury,
and so in stepping down
but not away
he remained the remembrance
before her eyes, the curse
of conscience she would not stand.
A price was placed before him
that he glanced over in first passing
unknowing and so unprepared
in stepping down among women
and men, he found what
he'd surrendered and damned
its reawakening…

The Bridgeburners
Toc the Younger


Whiskeyjack is bidding farewell to the Moranth who conveyed him and his squad to the north shore of Lake Azur. He is told that, from the Moranth, he will always be able to count on assistance. The squad has been supplied with plenty of Moranth munitions as well as a fishing boat by the Green Moranth.

Whiskeyjack informs his squad that they will implement his own plan instead of the Empire's plan (which was designed to get them killed) to infiltrate and bring down Darujhistan. They will make their way to the city disguised as fishermen. Sorry claims to have a knowledge of fishing.

Quick ben 2 by krewi

Quick Ben by Krewi

In the meantime, Quick Ben performs a magic ritual using his Warren, meets Hairlock in the Caverns of Chaos on the Spar of Andii. The puppet updates the wizard about events in Pale, about Tayschrenn and his suspicions about Tattersail. Tattersail seems to be suffering from a fever, and in a role reversal, is being taken care of by Paran, who also seems to be protecting her from Hairlock himself. Hairlock berates Quick Ben for not telling him that there are Gods involved. He then insinuates that, as a consequence, he might already be taken over by one, which makes Quick Ben question whether this could be true. Hairlock seems to be growing increasingly powerful and insane from his use of the Warren of Chaos. He starts muttering something to himself, tittering and musing about the sword Chance that has so injured the hound of Shadow, Gear. Quick Ben considers that Hairlock's increasing insanity might remove him from Quick Ben's control. He charges Hairlock to pursue Tayschrenn's plans then sends him flying with a kick, hoping the abrupt dismissal will skew the puppet's recollection of their meeting. When Quick Ben returns. he proposes something to Whiskeyjack and Kalam which leaves the other two shaken.

Whiskeyjack organises getting the fishing boat ready. As, other than Sorry, none of the Bridgeburners know anything about fishing or boating, the squad is nervous about the crossing.

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