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Gardens of the Moon
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I have seen a rumour born
swathed in snug mystery
left lying under the sun
in the hills of the Gadrobi

where the sheep have scattered
on wolf-laden winds
and the herds have fled
a whispering of sands

and it blinked in the glare
a heart hardened into stone
whilst the shadow of the Gates of Nowhere
crept 'cross the drifting dust of home

I have seen this rumour born
a hundred thousand hunters of the heart
in a city bathed in blue light…

Rumour Born (I. i-iv)
Fisher (b.?)

Lake Azur[]

Mallet inquires about Whiskeyjack's health, asking about the headaches and the leg. Whiskeyjack feels the headaches are much better now, but Mallet still finds cause to worry about the leg that Whiskeyjack had broken, and has not properly healed yet. As the remaining Bridgeburners prepare to leave with the Moranth, they watch Moon's Spawn heading south. Quick Ben is thinking about a scheme of his which will make Whiskeyjack 'howl' when he hears it. However he feels it is not yet time to tell him about it. He feels he needs to give "the old man a chance to rest".

Paran promises himself that he will search for Tattersail once the Pannion Seer has been dealt with. He speaks in his mind to Tattersail and is amazed when in his mind he hears her response. She says she awaits him.

Crokus has joined Apsalar, Kalam and Fiddler on their journey back to the Empire. He tells Kalam that he misses some of the people in Darujhistan already, but is looking forward to seeing Unta and Itko Kan. He asks Kalam if he believes in luck and the assassin growls a negative. Crokus agrees and flips Oponn’s Coin into the sea, where it vanishes beneath the waves. Circle Breaker, on his way into retirement, looks on with approval, knowing that The Eel will be pleased to hear about this.