Map Genabackis from GotM

Map Genabackis from GotM

Map Northwest Genabackis

Northwest Genabackis

Genabaris was a large coastal city in northernwestern Genabackis. The port city[1] was held by the Malazan Empire and was a main debarking point for imperial armies during the Genabackis campaign.[2] According to Paran, it was a thousand leagues from Pale, although this may have been a figure of speech.[3]

Although a major port, the piers of Genabaris were not used to the huge heavy Malazan transports and creaked under the pull on the bollards. Supplies destined for the front lines would arrive from Seven Cities and be dealt with by supply clerks. Crates and cloth-wrapped bundles bore sigils which identified them.[1]

Anomander Rake thought the Malazan conquest of the city had been to its betterment. He described the city as once being a "fetid sore" to which the Malazans had brought peace, reparation, law, and order. Only Nathilog had been worse. Now both cities could claim rivalry to Darujhistan.[4]

Millenia old barrows, surrounded by large standing stones, were found outside of Genabaris.[5]

The High Mage Bellurdan spent time in Genabaris before the fall of Pale studying newly discovered scrolls of Gothos' Folly.[6]

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In Gardens of the Moon Edit

Ganoes Paran disembarked from a ship there, on his way to the city of Pale to continue his search for the recruit Sorry.[8]

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