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Geni was an island south of the continent of Quon Tali. The island's coast was largely wild and unsettled, but it did support a population of fishermen.[1][2]

Bands of apes, similar to those once found on Malaz Island, lived in the forests of the island's interior.[1]

The waters between Geni and Dal Hon were known as the Genii Straits.[3]

Notable natives[]


In The Bonehunters[]

A Geni scholar lived in a solitary tower on the island's uninhabited coast. He had purchased the last living ape of Malaz Island and brought it to Geni. Bottle hoped the scholar had been compassionate and introduced the ape to its island cousins rather than turn it into an exotic trophy.[1]

Around the time of the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, Quick Ben heard rumours of a Malazan escort clashing with a fleet of strange ships off Geni's coast. From the descriptions of the foe, he thought them Tiste Edur.[5]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[]

Greymane, the son of a fisherman, was originally from Geni. Evidently, the fishermen of Geni fished the seas south of the island and so could have run-ins with the Stormriders who haunted those waters.[2]

In Kellanved's Reach[]

In the early days of the formation of the Malazan Empire, a mercenary commander named Orjin Samarr[6] was originally from Geni. Orjin described Geni as being a "small backwater fishing isle famous for nothing" - which Orjin left as soon as he possibly could.[7]

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