Gerrun, also known as 'Shortshanks', was a seeming lowlander ne'er-do-well living on the northern coast of the Sea of Gold in Assail. He was "too fond of his ale" and a bit of a dandy in that hardscrabble country with his gold earrings and imported felt shirts.[1]

In AssailEdit

In reality, Gerrun was a hearthguard for the Sayer Iceblood clan. He cultured an innocuous reputation in order to sell his services as a wilderness guide to enemies in order to lead them into Sayer ambushes. Unlike other Sayers, he was free to move in more cultured environments to gather intelligence. Orman, who knew him from Gerrun's visits to the town of Curl, was surprised to learn that the man he thought a coward was actually a man of great daring and courage.[2]

Gerrun helped Old Bear recruit Orman and Keth and Kasson Reddin as Sayer hearthguards.[3] When Jass Sayer was taken by Lotji Bain, Gerrun joined the Sayers in their battle against the Bains and their outlander hirelings. He lost his life by Orman's side when Lotji attacked them with the magic spear, Svalthbrul.[4]

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