Ghelel Rhik Tayliin was the last surviving member of the Tayliin family line, an old Talian ruling family. She had been raised by a Quon Tali noble family, the Sellaths, without any knowledge of her roots.

Ghelel was slim with long black hair and was a trained fencer, capable of defeating a soldier in combat.[1][2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

When her foster family was taken from their home under orders of Fist Kal'il, she was saved by her fencing master Quinn and taken to his old commander, Choss.[3] Choss planned to use her as a figurehead for the Talian League to legitimize their claim to fight against the Malazan Empress.[4]

Ghelel accompanied the League troops east towards Li Heng within an attention getting palanquin. Before arriving on the battlefield, the League's intelligence chief Amaron assigned Molk, one of his agents, to be her bodyguard. Ghelel assumed the pseudonym 'Captain Alil' and Molk brought her to the Marchland Sentries far south of the city to be her defacto bodyguard.[5]

Ghelel was kept unaware of the violence done in her name. Coming upon a scene of refugees massacred by the League, her minders were happy to let her think it the work of the Hengans.[6] For a time the Marchland Sentries stayed within the camp of Ullen Khadeve, League commander Urko Crust's chief of staff. Ghelel developed feelings for Ullen, but was never able to act on them.[7]

Although sheltered, Ghelel was an astute observor. She was the first to notice that Crimson Guard mercenaries had seized the Great Sanctuary of Burn. When the Marchland Sentries were confronted by advance elements of the Guard, Ghelel was able to negotiate their safe passage.[8]

After the Talian League was defeated at the Battle of the Plains, the Marchland Sentries' commander Marquis Jhardin imprisoned her and planned to force her to go back with him to his estates in north Tali and marry him. This way, the Tayliin line would be preserved and their children might perhaps press their claim again. Molk helped her flee the camp, but was killed by two Malazan mages during the escape.[9] Later, the Malazan operative Moss was seen following her trail, presumably to tie up this loose end, but whether he succeeded was left unknown.[10]

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