The Gidrath were the soldiers serving the fourteen temples in Capustan.[1] They fell under the command of the Mask Council and numbered about three thousand.[2] The Gidrath soldiers were typically better skilled and better equipped than Prince Jelarkan's own force, the Capanthall, as many of the prince's best soldiers had been poached to serve the temples.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

The Gidrath were largely wiped out in the Siege of Capustan. When the forces of the Pannion Domin encircled the city, many of the Gidrath were trapped outside the walls in the East and South Watch redoubts.[3] After the city fell and was then retaken by the White Face Barghast, Itkovian speculated that only the Gidrath protecting the Mask Council in the Thrall still remained.[4]

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