Gillankai was the name given by the Forkrul Assail, in the ancient past, to some early Barghast - an army of which the Forkrul had created to serve them. To begin with, the Gillankai bleached their skin white in emulation of their Forkrul masters. However, in time, these early Barghast apparently betrayed their creators and managed to kill many Forkrul 'Pures', or Lawful Inquisitors. The Gillankai accomplished this by devising armour which was made up of connected turtle shells - or the equivalent thereof - which blunted the usually disabling blows delivered by the 'weapons' of the Forkrul - i.e., their hands and feet.[1]

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The Perish Grey Helms' Shield Anvil, Tanakalian, gave a 'situation report' to Brother Diligence on the plain at the foot of the Spire outside of Kolanse City. Tanakalian did this shortly before a major battle was about to begin between the Malazan allies, and the associated forces of the Forkrul Assail. Tanakalian reported that there were Barghast of clan Gilk attached to the main Bolkando army commanded by Queen Abrastal. Upon learning that the Gilk - being White Face Barghast - not only painted their faces white, but also wore armour made up of turtle shells, Diligence suddenly erupted into a diatribe against the Gilk. As Diligence expounded, disjointedly, to Tanakalian about the Gillankai, the Forkrul Pure made it clear that he thought that clan Gilk must be the direct descendants of the Gillankai - whose "...hands are drenched in the blood of Pures!". With a snarl, Diligence ordered a startled Tanakalian to concentrate on destroying the Gilk in the upcoming hostilities.[2]


It is of interest to note that although all the clans of the White Face Barghast were known to paint their faces - at least, mainly - white, that only clan Gilk wore turtle shell armour. Also, it is not clear from Diligence's remarks to Tanakalian whether he meant that the Forkrul Assail had, in fact, created the Barghast, or, rather, that they had merely created "a Barghast army" to serve them.


Given that Brother Diligence was the second eldest of the Lawful Inquisitors remaining in the area surrounding Kolanse,[3] and was described as being "ancient"[4]; and given Diligence's extremely vehement response to the possibility that the Gilk were actually related to the Gillankai, it was possible that he was alive around the time of the 'betrayal' of the Gillankai and, perhaps, even experienced it first-hand.

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