Map Kolanse
The Glass Desert was located to the east of the continent Lether in the western part of Kolanse. It was said to be impassable due to the almost complete absence of water and life.

Although not inhabited by humans, some creatures did survive in this hostile environment, amongst them Jhaval, Satra Riders and flo-worms. They were named so by Badalle of the Snake and it is unclear if she invented those terms or whether they were the actual names of those creatures. Saddic of the Snake also observed vultures and crows.[1]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Adjunct Tavore Paran revealed that she would lead the Bonehunters across the desert in order to attack the Forkrul Assail dominated society situated in Kolanse.

It was revealed that the remains of the Forkrul Assail God, shattered into a massive D'ivers composed of locusts and other insects, had been mindlessly attempting to devour any and all life that entered its realm.

It was also the location of the city, Icarias. After the 'Blood for Water' ritual, a freshwater lake rose in the desert, helping the Bonehunters survive the desert.

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