Glory was a small hamlet of less than a dozen residents[1] located south of Shal-Morzinn.[2] An ill-maintained track crossed a narrow wooden bridge into the town, which consisted of a lone farm, a handful of fields, a stone shrine and burial ground, and a shed that served as a tavern.[3] The nearest town was Piety, two days away on horseback.[4] The town often went several seasons without seeing strangers.[5] To the north over the pass was the forbidding Demon Plain.[6]

Its most notable landmark was a Jheranang-style grey-stoned motte and bailey keep on the edge of town. It was built on a manmade hill reached by an overgrown cobbled ramp that made three sharp switchbacks before reaching the top.[7] All iron fittings, including the portcullis, had long been stripped by scavengers, and bird nests plugged any openings in the walls.[8] A half dozen subterranean levels reached through a trap door contained passages and rooms once used for armories, cisterns, surgeries, and storage.[9]

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In Goats of GloryEdit

The keep had lain empty since its garrison had been slaughtered by demons during the Birthing Wars five hundred years previous.[10] One hundred of these demons remained hidden within the keep while their mother assumed the form of a human girl within the village.[11] Residents of Glory would supplement their meager incomes by tricking the rare traveler into spending the night at the keep. Once the resident demons had done their work, lots were drawn for which resident had first pick of any valuables left behind.

The keep's demons were ultimately exterminated by Captain Skint and her squad of Ram mercenaries.

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