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The Gods of the Malazan Empire were mostly Ascendants who had gained control of a Warren, accessed its power through a Throne, and were worshiped by mortals. While the gods were described as "immortal", immortality did not in fact last forever. According to the Elder God K'rul, "Every god falls at a mortal's hands. Such is the only end to immortality."[1] Gods whose names were no longer remembered vanished and died.[2]

The gods were sometimes called new gods to distinguish them from the Elder Gods. They were also collectively referred to as the pantheon.[3]

Apart from the pantheon worshipped by members of the Empire, there were others. The Barghast for example, had their own pantheon who were ascended spirits which had emerged from the Hold of the Beast and who were said to be primordial in their aspect.[4]

Ganoes Paran thought that uncertainty was one of the few things the Gods feared.[5]

Some of the Gods were associated with Houses in the Deck of Dragons. See the individual houses for further details.

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