Gorbo was a sailor on board the Suncurl.

Gorbo was short and had stubbled legs. Whenever he appeared at roll call, Briv Rope Braider was nowhere to be found and vice versa.[1] He once slept with Briv the carpenter's helper in a very dark room.[2]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Gorbo had a second identity as the female Briv Rope Braider, becoming one of three crewmembers named "Briv". Basically all other crewmembers knew about this. When dressed as Briv he wore an orange, poorly braided wig.[3]

All three Brivs were sent to the Suncurl's strong room by Captain Sater to retrieve the demonic Sech'kellyn statues and toss them overboard. Sater suspected the statues had played some role in bringing to life the lich that was murdering her crew.[4] The Brivs were joined by necromancer Korbal Broach who took the brunt of the statues' counter-attack. In the ensuing melee, Briv Rope Braider, was knocked unconscious before being dragged to safety by the other two Brivs.[5]

In The Wurms of Blearmouth Edit

The Chanter ship Unreasoning Vengeance clashed with the Suncurl in a terrific battle during a rainstorm. The already damaged Suncurl wrecked on a reef near Spendrugle and Briv was likely drowned. Korbal Broach pulled the drowned corpses of two of the ship's unspecified Brivs from the surf and dragged them up to Wurm's Keep.[6] There he sewed the two Brivs together to create a now animated two-sided watchman at the keep's gate. Ex-crewmates Heck Urse, Birds Mottle, and Gust Hubb defeated the clumsy, sword-wielding creature before entering the keep.[7]

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