Gormle Ess of Ivant was a poet who authored the "Adulterer's Lament".

Known Poems Edit

"Adulterer's Lament"

"She was beauty beheld
In shadow so sweet
Where the fragrant blossoms
Could kiss the tongue
With honey dreams!
She was desire adamant
So soft to quiver under touch
Leaning close in heat
All this she was and more--
Last night--oh the ale fumes
Fail to abide the mole's squint
In dread morning light!
―Gormle Ess of Ivant[src]

In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

Brash Phluster mistook Avas Didion Flicker's quotation of a work of Sandroc of Blight for Gormle Ess.[1]

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