Gorot was a high-ranking member of the military of the tribe Hafinaj of the Adwami people of southwestern Jacuruku. Gorot was a squat, grizzled veteran and experienced old campaigner.[1][2]

In Blood and BoneEdit

During the joint Adwami tribes' campaign against the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs in northwestern Jacuruku, Gorot served as Prince Jatal's - of the Hafinaj - master-at-arms and second-in-command. When the combined Adwami tribes and the foreign mercenaries of the Warleader were making their initial approach to the Thaumaturg's southern capital of Isana Pura - Jatal, seeking reliable intelligence about their target - told Gorot, "Send out your swiftest riders. Scout the damned city." On receiving this command, Gorot saluted and soon had a stream of mounted scouts coming and going, reporting on the situation ahead. Once the attackers were not only inside Isana Pura, but also inside a centrally located walled enclosure, the Prince ordered Gorot to take command of the Hafinaj's main body and to use it to secure a large courtyard that they had found there. Subsequently, however, Jatal regretted this order as he and the leading Adwami attackers ran into serious resistance and the Prince wished that he still had Gorot at his side rather than being - as ordered - back in the courtyard organizing the main body of the Hafinaj.[3]

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