The Gral were a tribal people on the Seven Cities continent who lived in the Ehrlitan foothills of Arifal down to Pan'potsun.[1][2] Many considered them primitive and backward as exemplified by their warrior castes, cults of blood, and worship of violence.[3] They were known for not respecting the occupying Malazan forces and also for being uncompromising bargainers. They were also known for dealing rapidly and harshly with any perceived insult, often deliberately provoking others in order to pursue a vendetta. Reputedly, they were impossible to surprise from behind.[4]

Gral wore thin bleached linen robes with a hood pulled over their heads.[5] They used Gothar flowers to bleach deer hides.[6]

In Cotillion's view, they were a rather unpleasant tribe.[7]

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In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Fiddler disguised himself as a Gral guide in order to safely lead Crokus and Apsalar through Seven Cities.[13]

In House of ChainsEdit

Arak tribesmen working for the slaver, Silgar, quietly passed through Gral territory with the prisoners Torvald Nom and Karsa Orlong in tow. Torvald set a fire to draw the Gral's attention resulting in a massacre of their Arak captors.[14]

Later it was revealed that the House Nom outpost in Ehrlitan was the main trading partner of the Gral tribesmen in the city, brokering ransoms for the tribe's kidnapping business.[15] Gral tribesmen accompanied Torvald into the city's Malazan compound to rescue the imprisoned Karsa.[15]

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