Great Ravens were huge birds sustained by magic[1] and led by the Matron, Crone. They were allied with Anomander Rake and the Tiste Andii, and their roost was Moon's Spawn. They had wingspans of up to fifteen feet.[2] Magic was ambrosia to Great Ravens and they were drawn to it. The power exuded by sorcery extended their lives by hundreds of years and its musk had 'other effects as well'.[3]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

At the beginning of the assault on Moon's Spawn at the Siege of Pale, the first attack caused a huge flock of nesting Ravens to leave the crags and pocks of the fortress. Hairlock estimated them to number thirty-thousand.[2]

The ravens later feasted on the remains strewn over the battlefield.[4][5] When Tattersail crossed the battlefield with the wrapped marionette of Hairlock, the Ravens displayed terror which, according to Kalam, was due to the presence of the puppet.[6]

In Memories of IceEdit

K'rul related how the Great Ravens had formed like maggots from the flesh of the Fallen One, eating the pieces of his broken body which littered the sister continents of Jacuruku and Korelri.[7][8] In addition, Crone was shocked by Silverfox's uncanny knowledge of their birth. The Great Ravens were shamed by their origin and feared the consequences of its revelation. They thought to disclose their connection to the Crippled God and his power was to mark them as enemies of the Tiste Andii and others. Crone did not realise that Rake and Korlat were already aware of their nature. The Great Ravens carried fragments of the Crippled God's power within themselves and were strengthened by devouring sorcery. Rake found their potential power so appalling that he kept the Ravens close.[8]

During the Pannion War, the Great Ravens served as Brood's eyes and ears in enemy territory, although their effectiveness was much diminished by the Pannion Seer's own demonic Condors as they moved deeper into the Pannion Domin.[9][10][11] After the Battle of Black Coral, the devastated Moon's Spawn was allowed to drift out to sea to its doom, and they lost their roost.

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