The Great Sanctuary of Burn on Quon Tali lay east of Li Heng atop a plateau near the intersection of the east-west trader road and another trader road heading southwest to Dal Hon. Dedicated to Burn, the Sleeping Goddess, the squat, boxy monastery - perhaps ironically - had been ruined long ago by an earthquake. Entire wings of the building had collapsed down the side of the cliff while other wings remained untouched.

Before its destruction it had been the largest monastery on the continent housing thousands of monks. The sprawling complex once contained outlying gatehouses, hostelries, and pilgrim inns. Afterwards, the only residents were hermits and ascetics living in nearby caves.

The road from Dal Hon and its bridge over the Idryn river had been built atop an old pilgrim trail. Pilgrims still visited the Sanctuary in large numbers although no efforts had been made to rebuild it.[1][2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Ghelel Rhik Tayliin and the Marchland Sentries passed the Sanctuary on their way to rendezvous with Urko Crust and his Talian League reinforcements. The floodplain below the Sanctuary was choked with the corpses of Hengan refugees slain by the League, but Marquis Jhardin chose to inform Ghelel that the corpses were due to the Hengans' callous burial practices.[3]

The Crimson Guard made the ruins their headquarters when they arrived at Li Heng to face the armies of Empress Laseen and the Talian League.[4]

Greymane took refuge in the ruins after the Battle of the Plains and the departure of the Crimson Guard. It was here that Kyle and the Lost brothers found him and pledged to help him escape the Malazans.[5]

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