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Gredfallan, also spelled Gredfalan, was a city on the southern shore of Lake Azur, about half-way between Darujhistan and Dhavran.

Gredfalan farmers were amongst the traders along Salt Walk in the Lakefront district of Darujhistan selling bitter fruits and sweet tubers from their wagons.[1]


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Gredfallan was known for its fine ale, referred to as either Gredfallan ale[2] or Gredfalan ale.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Sorry ordered Gredfalan ale in the Phoenix Inn, and asked for it to be served in a pewter tankard. Bar regular Meese pointed out that "Darujhistan's best" was a poor choice for someone trying to remain unnoticed and betrayed a "kind of breeding" not normally found at the inn.[4]

In Memories of IceEdit

A bridge outside Darujhistan was destroyed during the events in Gardens of the Moon and a week later, caravans were queuing up to cross the river via the old ford. The trader Storby used the opportunity to sell Gredfallan ale from casks which had been destined for a wayside inn outside Saltoan at exorbitant prices. Amongst those appreciating the ale if not the price of it was Stonny Menackis.[5]

During a command meeting between the allies in the war against the Pannion Domin, Whiskeyjack filled tankards for Councillor Coll, Captain Paran and himself with Gredfallan ale from an earthenware jug.[6]

Whiskeyjack refilled his and Quick Ben's goblets with Gredfallan ale.[7]

Seerdomin Kahlt served wine from Gredfallan to Lady Envy and Toc the Younger, calling it very agreeable. Envy had not heard of it before but thought it wonderful.[8]

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When Anomander Rake and Whiskeyjack were engaged in conversation, Whiskeyjack offered Anomander Rake a drink from a cask of Gredfallan ale he kept in his tent.[9] Later he offered the same drink to Itkovian.[10]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Fiddler shared a jug of Gredfalan Ale with Kalam Mekhar and Quick Ben.[11]

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