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Gris was a northern province of Quon Tali. It was also the name of a city on the northeastern coast. Like the Untans, Grisians were characterised by their burly frames and wavy hair.[1]

The province was known for the quality of the grapes in its vineyards.[2] It was especially known for its full-bodied red wines.[3]

The Avowed Crimson Guardsman, Iron Bars, was said to have a great-granddaughter who lived in Gris in the D'Avore Valley.[4]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

In the formative days of the Malazan Empire, Malle served as the ruler of Gris which was, at the time, allied with Balstro, Baran, Habal, Haljhen, Jurda, Nita,[5] and Fools.[6]

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