Grizzin Farl was an Elder God, who was known to be worshipped with bloody sacrifices.[1] He vanished millennia ago.[2] 

In The BonehuntersEdit

While in the Imperial Warren, the ground collapsed under Quick Ben and Stormy sending them plummeting into a deep fissure. Kalam found them unconscious within a chamber decorated with large painted panels:[1]

"No idle decoration, this, but a work of art, a master's hand exuberantly displayed in each and every detail. Heavily clothed, more or less human in form, the figures were in positions of transcendence, arms upraised in worship or exaltation, faces filled with joy. Whilst, crowding their feet, dismembered body parts had been painted, blood-splashed and buzzing with flies. The mangled flesh continued down to the chamber's floor, then on out, and Kalam saw now that the bloody scene covered the entire expanse of floor, as far as he could see in every direction."

Cotillion identified the chamber as a temple to one of the Elder Gods. He suggested it might have belonged to Grizzin Farl, Kilmandaros, or even K'rul.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Errastas claimed that Grizzin Farl had vanished millenia ago[2] and that he thought him dead, his corporeal flesh was no more.[3]

In Forge of Darkness Edit

Grizzin Farl was revealed to be one of the Azathanai, a half-blood Thel Akai, mate to Kilmandaros, and father of Errastas and Sechul Lath.[4] He was also known as the Protector. He was known as the lone warrior amongst the Azathanai. Among the Jheleck he was the warrior who misses every fight, sleeps through every battle, and but smiles at every challenge. The Jaghut called him the "Stone that Sleeps".[5] 

He appeared "massive, towering, clad in thick plates of leather armour, a clutch of spears balanced over one shoulder, a heavy sack held in one hand. His head was bare, his hair unbound and lit like fiery blood in the glare of the setting sun".[6] He also had a red beard, a nest of wrinkles around his eyes, and gnarled eyebrows.[7][8]

Grizzin Farl encountered Draconus, Arathan, Raskan, and the two Borderswords on their trek across the Bareth Solitude. Happy to see his old friend, Draconus, they engaged in a night of drinking and revelry that released the tension that had been building up amongst the group.[9]

Caladan and Grizzin by Paradanmellow

Caladan and Grizzin by Paradanmellow

Working his way eastward he met Caladan Brood returning from the home of Andarist and they shared several jugs of Tiste wine that Brood said he had been saving for Kilmandaros.[10] Arriving in Kurald Galain Grizzin rescued Ribs, the dog, and named him "Providence".[11] He was the first to find Kadaspala weeping over his murdered family and returned to Kharkanas with Anomander Rake's party.[12]

Arriving before Mother Dark he said T'riss, the Azathanai who had consecrated the Tiste temple, was unknown to him and warned that her actions were uncommonly careless and violated proscriptions against blatant Azathani interference.[13] When Draconus opened the Gate of Kurald Galain Grizzin Farl left Mother Dark explaining there was no longer anything for him to protect.[14]

In Fall of LightEdit

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"Hah! Look upon me, friend, in the manner that would a true-blooded woman. See this golden hair? These bright dancing eyes? The grave assurance in my comportment? I am a mystery, a lure of well-hidden depths. To touch me is to brush jewels and gems; to stand too close is to swoon in heady spice--into my very arms. These gifts I have, friend, are not made of breadth or height; neither of weight nor robust presence. I could be a squirrel of a man and still women would fall in like bugs on a cup rim!"
―Grizzin Farl[src]
"By title I am known as the Protector, but this is no welcome aspect. I appear when I am most needed, yet in hope most distant. My attendance alone is a sour comment on your state of affairs, alas."
―Grizzin Farl[src]

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