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Hadralt was the war leader of the Ganetok, the most powerful of the remaining Awl clans, as well as the remnants of the Niritha and Sevond clans.[1] He was the firstborn son and successor of Capalah.[1]

Hadralt was described as dark-eyed, lean, and short, walking with his deceased father's swagger but not his physical authority.[2] He had a reputation of being very fast with the hook-bladed shortswords which he carried cross-strapped beneath each arm. He surrounded himself with his favoured warriors, the huge and hulking Copperfaces.[2]

He wore a belt lined with fetishes.[2]

In Reaper's Gale[]

Hadralt managed to recruit about a third of the Awl's warriors (around fifteen thousand) to follow him to war against the Letherii by paying them with half his own holdings of rodara and myrid.[1] He also sold Awl land to Letherii that were supposedly in favour of the Awl cause, in return for fine iron weapons and coin. In truth, he knew these Letherii worked for Factor Letur Anict of Drene and that the weapons they were selling him were ill-made; for this, he was paid in secret. This money was to be used to ally themselves with the Grey Swords mercenaries. Together, they were supposed to meet the Letherii in battle and defeat them, but he and his warriors left the field of battle so Hadralt would not have to pay them. His plan worked: the Letherii defeated the Grey Swords, but took heavy losses--the Awl would be safe for some time. But Hadralt suspected they could not resist the Letherii indefinitely, so he planned on eventually selling out the Awl in return for an estate in Drene and Indebted to do his bidding.[3]

When Redmask, the legendary Awl warleader, returned from exile, he challenged Hadralt for leadership of the Awl. Surrounded by his Copperfaces, Hadralt was contemptuous of Redmask's call for a duel to the death until Redmask called upon his K'Chain Che'Malle allies to make the sure there would be no interference. One of the Copperfaces, Natarkas, revealed that Hadralt had murdered his father with poison to succeed him as war leader and Redmask soon coaxed the rest of the truth of the war from Hadralt's mouth. After hearing about these betrayals, Hadralt was stabbed in the back and killed by his own Copperfaces.[4]

Redmask took control of the Ganetok and soon learned that Hadralt held the Grey Sword commander, Toc the Younger, chained in camp as a prisoner. He released him to serve as his advisor.[5]

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