Hag Threedbore was a dead woman who had been buried in a barrow in Lamentable Moll. She had an antagonistic relationship with the wizard Viviset when both were still alive. Viviset claimed she was the "victim of disgruntled salamanders."[1]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Hag Threedbore awoke to find herself part of a multi-souled lich aboard the Suncurl. Her spirit had passed to the ship when unscrupulous dock workers, Dully and Kreege, sold cheap iron nails to Captain Sater that they had reclaimed from the city's barrows. The lich, composed of Hag Threedbore, Viviset, Lordson Hoom, Baltro, and a monstrous Jhorligg among others, argued with itself even as it murdered members of the Suncurl's crew to rebuild its body.[2] When Korbal Broach destroyed the lich, Hag Threedbore once again found herself confined to a nail.[3]

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