Halfdan [Half-dan] was an Avowed member of the Second Company of the Crimson Guard. He was a huge man who had once served under Skinner.

In Midnight TidesEdit

Corlo told Seren Pedac that Halfdan was among the best fighters of the Avowed. The Mage placed him in the same rank as Black the Elder, Blues, Iron Bars, Jup Alat, or Poll.[1]

In Night of KnivesEdit

The Mock's Hold garrison soldier Larkin claimed to have seen Halfdan in Black Dog Forest during the Genabackis Campaign.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

At the end of the Diaspora he returned to Fortress Haven on Stratem where the Guard reunited under the command of Skinner.[3] Afterwards, the entire Guard invaded Unta, the Malazan imperial capital, before challenging the Malazan armies on Quon Tali at Li Heng. There among the Avowed battle casualties of the Battle of the Plains, Daneth showed Commander Shimmer evidence that Urko Crust was on the field. Shimmer ordered Halfdan, Bower, and Lucky to find and kill their old enemy.[4]

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