The Hall of the Throne was the Malazan Empire's throne room found in the Imperial palace in Unta.

It was a vast pillared chamber with a ceiling glittering with beaten gold and walls lined with tapestries. The mosaic stone floor, which was made at least partially out of semi-precious stones, was crossed by a long sable carpet to a raised dais. Upon the dais was a throne of twisted bones, a "not so subtle reminder of the true power behind it, the T'lan Imass." The room had a least one side door. It led via a narrow hallway to the staircase leading up to the West Tower. The throne room itself was surrounded by "colonnaded approaches, seating halls, and long reception chambers.[1][2]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

One of the gates of the Imperial Warren exited in the throne room. Not knowing this, Ganoes Paran exited on horse, causing some damage to the mosaic stone floor.[3]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

When the Crimson Guard invaded Unta, a contingent of the Guard's leaders headed straight for the Imperial throne. Skinner, Shimmer, and the others hoped to confront Empress Laseen. Instead they found only an obsequious Mallick Rel.[4]

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